Give Thanks!  We are making scratch baked pies and fresh churned ice cream for Thanksgiving.


Looking for a great addition to your holiday table?  We are now accepting orders for whole pies and ice cream by the pint for the holiday season!  All pies come fully baked and ready to eat.  We start with an all butter crust that we make from scratch, and then create our fillings with quality ingredients.  Add a pint of ice cream and serve your pies a la mode.  Our ice cream is made with whole milk, heavy cream, and egg yolks that bring out the richness in the vanilla.  We churn it in house an in small batches, so it stays fresh for your holiday table.  Place your order by November 15th to take advantage of special pricing!


Whole Pie –  9 inches (serves 6-8) – $30 to $34

Ice Cream – 1 pint – $6.50



Classic Pumpkin

Our classic pumpkin pie is made with an all butter crust, which we roll out into the pie shell and finish with a fluted edge.  We fill it with creamy pumpkin custard that we infuse with the perfect amount of spice, and bake the whole concoction until it is set just right.


Bourbon Sweet Potato

A southern tradition, we make our sweet potato pie with a hint of bourbon and maple.  We use an all butter crust, add a layer of brown sugar, and top it with hand mashed sweet potato.


Texas Pecan

We use big Texas pecans for our pecan pie.  We start with an all butter crust and create a sticky sweet pecan filling enhanced with brown butter and vanilla.


Apple Cranberry

A new twist on the classic American apple pie, we combine sweet apples and tart cranberries.  We start with our all butter crust, and pile into the shell fresh sliced organic apples and cranberries.  A touch of spice and citrus round out the flavor, and we cover it all with a Dutch crumb topping.


Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

We make our rich ice cream with organic whole milk, heavy cream, and egg yolks from cage-free chickens.  We add real vanilla bean, and churn it in house in small batches so it stays fresh and creamy for your holiday table.


Ordering Information


Please place your order by Saturday November 18, and arrange for pick-up or delivery on either Tuesday November 21 or Wednesday November 22.  To order, visit our Shop on our website, send us an email, or give us a call.


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